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Owner Info for (202) 455-8888

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Name: Daniel S Mask
#### Robertson Ave
Lansing, MI 48915

### Townsend St
Lansing, MI 48933

Name: Jeanrenaudjun J Boisrond
#### SE 2nd Ave
Cape Coral, FL 33904

Name: Kelin D Manigault
#### Berryhill St
Harrisburg, PA 17104

#### Mulberry St
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Name: Brittany Anderson
#### E Arizona Dr
Aurora, CO 80247

#### Perry St
Denver, CO 80212

Name: Olivia C James
#### Granite Woods Ct
Baltimore, MD 21244

(202) 455-**** Phone Numbers

Near Washington, DC
Issued by Dslnet Communications Va, Inc. - Dc

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2001.

While 2024558888 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (202) 455-8888 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown". You are the 203rd person to search for it here. The number has a total of 128 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "No idea, Verizon".

User Complaints for 202-455-8888

Caller name: Google

This was an automated call giving out a verifiation code for google. I have been trying to get in touch with google to make sure that nobody is able to use my personal information to get what they want. Google also texted me to give the code to me as well. I just hope that who ever tried to get my information could get very far.

- Mickey

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[Reply] October 3, 2012

Caller name: Google Voice

It is a automatic call back from Google Voice to verify new account number when first signing up for Google Voice number. I just needed to type in 2 digit code provided by Google to verify it was my phone number. I simply forgot and saw it later on my cell phone caller ID. There is no live person on the other end of call. God bless the internet search engine. Ducking a bill collector right now.

- Google User

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[Reply] April 23, 2013

All the message boards say this number is from a person who tries to collect money for a "birthday" gift for a relative. This person is repeatedly calling my cell phone. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers, but I do look them up immediately just in case it is legit. This one is not.

- Llama's Mama

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[Reply] September 10, 2012

This call is from google when you or someone tries to add something to your account or access your google wallet it is a security feature from google it only calls the numbers that you have given google..this is a pin# it is giving you to input on your devise that you or someone else is trying to access or buy something..so if you haven't been prompted on your devise while on your google account and getting a call from this number then it sounds like me that someone has your google ID and password and I would change it!! it give the user the option to get a text/sms msg on ur mobile devise it also askes if you dont have it available it will call the landline that you have on file and will only show the last 2 digits of the number it will call

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 10, 2012

202-455-8888 Shows as from: Line Type: Landline
But is the number shown via caller i.d. when Google sends verification code for gmail.

- 3inHawaii

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[Reply] February 2, 2013

Caller name: ?

called at 1130pm no mesage tried to rign back non workable. what the h**l is going on . Cox will do nothing.

- mmm

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[Reply] October 18, 2012

Caller name: BILL WILIAMS

I met him online on Cinfirio and he wanted to be freinds with me and stated that her need me to put access code 86 so that he could text me when he works out of the country. I really want to de activvate this number how can I do this? PLease help thank you

- bj

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[Reply] September 22, 2012

left a number on phone

- Anonymous

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[Reply] August 25, 2012

Caller name: Ralph Woodward

A call came from 202-455-8888, checking to see if this is a real person or number?

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 20, 2014

Caller name: NA

Called at 8:30 in the morning leaving an automated message giving me a verification code for Google. Wtf?

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] November 14, 2012

Caller name: GOOGLE/YOUTUBE.com

It is for uploading videos to YouTube.com You must have requested it via their website to upload longer video. Get a Samsung cell and you can block the number. iPhones, etc. don't have that feature.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] March 22, 2013

Seen others are having trouble with this number. This idiot called my cell at 12:30AM. Someone needs to remove phone service from this individual. What a loser wasting our time.

- Chris

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[Reply] February 12, 2014

SO annoying!! Called my phone 8 times in a row while I am at work. I really think whoever they are, need to get a life!

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] May 6, 2013

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] January 4, 2013

It,s from Washington DC hope I'm not in trouble why is this is it scam to use my number.

- i was caledt a 2 digit number so i did, my friebd tolld me to put 09 and it was all says account activared is it a scam.

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[Reply] October 9, 2015

Caller name: Google Voice

This is an automated verification call number from Google, after adding a mobile phone as one of my phones to be used on my Google Voice Acct from my PC.

On my PC they showed me a code number to entered from my mobile phone when they call. I answered the call from my mobile phone, entered the code number when prompted, and Goggle Voice added it as a VALID phone belonging to ME.

Relax folks, 80% of the hysteria here is from the superstitious. It is caused by people entering the wrong phone number on their Google Voice accts, or not responding to the call generated by the addition so it gets repeated and repeated, or someone wants to just harass you by purposely entering your phone number into their Google Voice Acct (or similar app that need phone verification.

- Jim R

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[Reply] February 27, 2016

called at 2:30 am sunday morning.

- jlop

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[Reply] March 10, 2014

Hang up call,
guess 'if a man answers,hang up'.
Happened before from other numbers.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 30, 2013

Can you stop call this phone

- Anna

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[Reply] December 23, 2013

Caller name: Washington DC

I too received a call from this number and it gave me a verification code. Tried to call it back, it does not take calls, I called google, they said to call my phone company and make sure I am not being charged anything on my phone line, and to contact my bank and make sure there is not suspicious activity on my accounts. OK, I have to do all this because some idot got a hold of my non-published, unlisted phone number? And when I called google wallet got a fast talking person, who wanted my e-mail and name. Yeah right, I am not stupid.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 27, 2012

Caller name: Google Verification

Received two phones calls around 8 PM giving me a GOOGLE verification code. As I never use Google for anything, it has to be a scam or somebody created a google account using my phone number.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 13, 2016

Caller name: out-of-area

202.455.8888 called me at 1:07 AM!!!! Woke me up out of a very sound sleep. Some computerized voice asking about verification numbers. REALLY REALLY annoying! I'm going to block this number as several people have made complaints that they are called repeatedly from it.

- Linn Dee
New Jersey

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[Reply] March 25, 2014


When you need an Android device password reset, they call you with an automated password.

This is not a scam or a telemarketer.
You had to have requested help and you had to have given them your phone number as an option to contact you. That is why you might see text messages or emails as well.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 16, 2014

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