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Caller type: Unknown

Called me and told he was from Microsoft , I was aware of this scam so i played along saying , how he knew i was having problems with my PC . Wanted me in front of my PC .... But i wasnt .
I said can i ask u a Q ... He said yes .
My Q to him was " How long have you been into Anal s*x " ??
He asked me to repeat it and i said it again .
He was NOT happy ...... I told him where to go and hung up ........as he was trying to abuse me .

- Ron

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[Reply]   March 10, 2014

Caller name: did not identify

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

This partial 1-800-180-200 called me and I told these guys with a heavy indian accent to stop calling me about my computer, I asked who he was and he said I'm not telling you if you don't listen to me I'm not listening to you. Then he told me to f**k off 3 times, said listen "f**k off" I want to know who these people are.

- Lisa Haddad
United States

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[Reply]   October 30, 2013

Caller name: did not answer call

Caller type: Unknown

I don't answer unknown #s on my cell phone b/c it cost me money - especially BS non-ligit phone numbers. I do google them - spread the word.

- bill
North Carolina

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[Reply]   March 20, 2014

Caller name: Indian Accent

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

A person with a strong Indian accent called from overseas without barring his number (1800 180 200) saying that a Windows computer has been hacked and every time internet is opened data is being extracted from the computer. He said that it's some kind of malware anti virus can't pick up. He said he was from Microsoft Technical Support and my Windows software is sending error messages from the computer back to Microsoft and if I don't let him log in remotely how can he fix the problem? He wanted to log on to the computer while on the phone and change the IP address.
Just press ctrl+windows. Can you open run command? What do you see?
He couldn't work out why he wasn't able to log onto my computer and fill it up with viruses because I had disconnected all internet connections when he first got onto the phone:)
He got frustrated and told me to go onto ammyy.com (haven't bothered to look at it) and you are wasting a lot of my time. I have many other customers to look after.(or deceive)
I left him to listen to that reversing truck sound.
Microsoft don't usually ring customers
If they do ask them some info to verify (ask them what the IP address or windows product ID of the computer is that has the problem) if they can't provide this they're fakes

- Scam Blocker

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[Reply]   March 7, 2014

Caller name: Jackson (?)

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Got a call from this number to say my computer was overheating. Told me to hang up the call and wait by my computer and a Microsoft Windows Technician would call me back within 5 minutes to help be fix the problem.

I knew this was total BS but I played along just for the fun of it.

The call came and he told me his name was Jackson and calling from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on behalf of Microsoft Windows. He asked me to press ctrl + the windows logo button and tell him what I see. I asked what I'm supposed to see (I already knew the answer) and he said he wanted me to tell him what I saw. I said he needs to tell me what I should see first. He did.

He directed me to type in the "run screen" eventwr (something like that, his accent was so heavy I wasn't sure). At that point I told him there's not a chance I'm doing so because he's not from the FBI, the phone number's not legit and I wish he'd f**k off cause I'm tired of this BS.

His response? "F**k off you mother f**king son of a b***h!!"

- Susan

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[Reply]   January 21, 2014

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

They keep calling and calling, wish I could block them but of course they do not call from a legitimate / recognized phone number so I cannot add it to the block list.

Either DO NOT ANSWER this call, or pick it up and immediately hang up, or pick it up, answer with 'thankyou I do not need your service', and then hang up. DO NOT SPEAK ANYTHING ELSE TO THEM.

They will eventually get the idea that they ain't gettin nothin from you.

- Terri

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[Reply]   January 15, 2014

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Caller with thick Indian accent said the he was a Microsoft Security Technician and said that Microsoft had sent him many messages that my computer had been infected with several viruses and that if he didn't clear them out, it would crash and be permanently damaged. When I asked who he was he said "Ryan Wilson" When I asked for a phone number, he yelled at me and when I insisted he gave me the number 952-467-6390. and threatened me again and started yelling very rudely again and said that if I didn't pay him a fee my computer would crash. Somehow, he got into my computer and took control of it. I then refused to pay him, hung up and shut down my computer. Later when I turn it on again, there was a message on a dark screen that said," What do you want me to do now, ma'm?" and a place for a reply. It was very frightening. I shut it off again and called Dell. They ran some tests and said he had shut off my security system and my fire walls and infected it with several viruses. They were able to remove the viruses and reset my security.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   January 10, 2014

Caller name: Did not identify

Caller type: Unknown

Caller stated that they had received messages that my computer had downloaded several viruses today and wanted to know if I was near my computer. When asked who they were, they hung up.

- Debbie

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[Reply]   December 5, 2013

Caller name: windows

Caller type: Unknown

have got multiple calls from this number trying to access my windows pc today they messed up though they wanted access and sent me to a non secure site www.ammyy.com that made my McAfee blow up with warnings. went thru the page and says nothing about being part of windows, why would windows need a non secure site wouldn't they just make their own and make it secure as well as making it known they are connected to the site

- Fred M

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[Reply]   December 2, 2013

Caller type: Unknown

Called me several times about some computer something or other. Could not understand them at all. Although the could use profanity and threaten me very clearly after I told them to stop calling my house. I want to know who this was to threaten my family!!!

- Bryan

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[Reply]   November 14, 2013

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