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  "Your Favorite Grandson"
  Not Shown
  Hispanic Male
  Internal Revenue Service
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Caller type: Unknown

Beware of this number and caller. It's a scam trying to get money from you. They target family members especially grandparents pretending to be the grandchild who was just in an accident and needs money. They then have a fake attorney call you to obtain your personal information and accounts. Please do not fall for this scam. Disgusting how these people exist out there!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   April 12, 2017

Caller type: Unknown

Tel No: 126-783-7476
Caller ID: Not Available
Probable: SCAM ARTISTs ...
Action: Blocked !

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   July 20, 2017

Caller name: Not Shown

Caller type: Unknown

This number was preceded by a 1-.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   May 19, 2017

Caller name: Hispanic Male

Caller type: Unknown

Called my grandparents claiming to be me, saying I was in prison. My brother was nearby and grabbed the phone, to which they responded, "Oh [expletive], it's [brother's name]!" Immediately hanging up afterward. Seems to fit the bill of the other scam complaints but from a different angle.

- Zed

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[Reply]   May 16, 2017

Caller name: "your favorite grandson"

Caller type: Unknown

called saying he was "my favorite grandson" giving me a bunch of secret numbers- not to tell anyone, and that i may not recognize his voice because he broke his nose. there was also a pregnant woman involved in the accident. i asked him his name and he sald "...Michael?" so i told him he has the wrong grandma and he apologized for taking up my time.

definitely a scam.

- not your grandma

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[Reply]   May 9, 2017

Caller name: Internal Revenue Service

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Been calling me all day. Finally picked up the phone, right away the recording said they were from the IRS. Like, really? This scam has been uncovered months ago. THE INTERNAL REVENUE DOES NOT CALL PEOPLE! THEY DEAL STRICTLY THROUGH THE MAIL! Hard to believe that these scammers haven't seen the stories about them on the news and continue to call people.

I hung up immediately hearing IRS.

- Pat Charles
District of Columbia

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[Reply]   May 4, 2017

Caller type: Unknown

called a few times the last 2 days.

area code 126? no one i know! btw, i only use my phone to make calls. i NEVER answer unless it's my husband and his area code isn't 126. lol.

- hort yardley pa

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[Reply]   April 25, 2017

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