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Phone number: 02084336080 The number is a GB number

Around 40% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 10th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 32 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "dont know, N/A"

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Got call every day during last week. Like every single day!

Reported 19th, Nov. 2011.

Sick of getting phone calls from this number. Have caller ID so don't answer

Reported 23rd, Dec. 2011.

Received a call 20:45 on 5 January 2012. I have caller preference service with BT and am not happy that they have used my phone number. Would like to know where they got it.

The caller was identified as CNS
Reported 5th, Jan. 2012.

I have just received a call on my mobile from this number, I couldn't get to my phone in time but I recognised the number as one that had been persistently calling me on & off for a few months, I have also received call on my land line from these idiots, I am ex directory & have caller preference!!!!

Reported 19th, Jan. 2012.

Answered to this number a couple of times- they say they are conducting a survery on behalf of the local council about how people like to spend their leisure time. Told them on both occasions that I am not interested in taking part, but still they call, usually on an evening. I've just stopped answering the phone to them now but it's a shame it has to come to that- if you tell them once you're not interested that should be the end of it. My number is ex-directory also but obviously they just choose numbers at random and then harrass the heck out of them!

The caller was identified as TNS/ TMS
Reported 23rd, Jan. 2012.

yet another nuisance call. I'm ex directory so don't know how thay have my number. I've stopped answering the phone when it rings and the dialling 1471 to check the caller.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 24th, Jan. 2012.

Asked about a survey on smoking. Put the phone down. So f*****g annoying

The caller was identified as Not sure
Reported 10th, Feb. 2012.

receiving calls from this number and a message is registered on my answerphone but no one speaks. Today the person just gave an exasperated sigh when they realised i wasn't in.

The caller was identified as did not obtain
Reported 9th, Mar. 2012.

We have tps and still have this number ring.

Reported 12th, Mar. 2012.
jim c

This number just phoned me about 10 minutes ago on a SUNDAY! afternoon, When the number flags up and I dont regonise it I leave it to the answer phone, gues what they never ever leave a message. But on a Sunday what a bloody cheek.

Reported 25th, Mar. 2012.

We are ex-directory, have been so for 17 years since we got our present number. We have caller preference. I NEVER give permission for companies to give our number to 3rd parties. WHERE DO THEY GET OUR NUMBER FROM?

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 28th, Mar. 2012.

Always ring but hang-up after only a few seconds. They never allow the phone to ring long enough for you to stop what you are doing and pick the phone up. Ring it back, they are Cantor Operations calling on behalf of CNS to conduct a survey. They call on a mobile that is not given out to our business contacts - this is a business number and it is a nuisance. They invite you to check with the relevant regulatory body on 0500 396999 who say they are real, they give you their H/O number 01926 452233 but you get a stupid answering machine which invites you to leave a message. Everyone getting called by these people should call this 01926 number and pester the life out of them to get them to stop.

Reported 1st, Apr. 2012.

call just before 8pm .just got kids settled for the night,exdirectory number for 12 years !!thats why im ex directory i dont want these calls .T.P.S regestered but the still got through!!

Reported 3rd, Apr. 2012.

When I asked how they got my number they said they were using a random number generator. Saying they are conducting a survey seems to exclude them from being a cold caller.

The caller was identified as TNS
Reported 17th, Apr. 2012.

A rogue company who has pestered the life out of me. I have rang Julie on 02074904911 (Marketing Complaints) and she has finally got it stopped. Good luck all.

The caller was identified as Kantar
Reported 20th, Apr. 2012.

Quite a sick horrible call. Sounded if caller was chatting to colleague (or maybe for my ears) - kept repeating 'i've been watching you on the toilet'!!!! I just hung up. YUK!!!

Reported 17th, May. 2012.

Said they were ringing on behalf of the working pension department taking a survey on what we do in our spare time. they asked for me by name. When my son passed the phone to my wife the said that they could not continue the conversation as a third party had become involved and hung up. I know ignore the number

The caller was identified as Working Pensions
Reported 29th, May. 2012.

Found their phone services dept on 02084334000 spoke to a pleasant person. Calls to my number have been blocked.

The caller was identified as Market research
Reported 19th, Jun. 2012.

Constantly getting phoned in the early evening. My number is X directory. I don't want these kinds of calls. There should be a law against these 'nuisance' calls!

Reported 3rd, Jul. 2012.

Have had 3 calls tonight, 3rd call i checked who was ringing. No was 02084336080, THIS IS NOT MY MUM OR MY SISTER - THE ONLY 2 PEOPLE WHOM I HAVE GIVEN MY EX DIRECTORY NO TO.
Neither mum or sis rang today.

Reported 6th, Jul. 2012.

i got a call today from 02084336080, can anyone tell me who it is? im very confused as ive tried to google it and nothing comes up only people saying it is a pest caller, but where would they get my number from? someone please help....thanks in reguards

The caller was identified as dont no
Reported 9th, Jul. 2012.
Hacked Off

Like every one else i am TPS,and Exdirectory but still get calls from these idiots,i have never reqested a call or given my number to any organisation,If i was in prison it would be my Human Right,to get everything i needed,as i needed them,and to serve my time in piece.
So why do these callers keep infriging on Everybodys HUMAN RIGHT to be left in piece,and not be disturbed at all times day or night by these INCONSIDERATE,THOUGHTLESS,IRKSOME PEOPLE

Reported 12th, Jul. 2012.

Called at 9.15.today. Sunday 22 July. We are registered with TPS and are fed up with these unknown numbers. We leave these calls to answerphone and of course they never leave a message.

Reported 22nd, Jul. 2012.
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