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Phone number: 02030266482 The number is a GB number

Around 41% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 4th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 24 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Edward, N/K"

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Quite a few calls came in from this number. I ran to the phone last time and said "WHAT" in an annoyed tone of voice, I'm not sure but I think I may scared off the telemarketer because the person promptly hung up

Reported 1st, Nov. 2011.
Colin Rose

Called at 1.15 in the morning, left a message on answerphone to say "Your call cannot be connected" - I never call anyone while I'm asleep. I wish I could find a geographical address for these "waste of space" idiots.

The caller was identified as Too ashamed to tell me
Reported 3rd, Nov. 2011.

Called at approx. 11am while I was feeding my baby. Didn't say a thing but hadn't hung up either.

The caller was identified as ???!
Reported 7th, Nov. 2011.
J Kirtley

Caller with Indian accent told me my computer was about to crash in 2 hrs when I said "don't be ridiculous" they hung up, have had these calls before cannot understand why number is traceable but nothing done about it.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 7th, Nov. 2011.

Wanted to know if I would go on the computer so they? could check up on the impending virus about to crash my computer etc. Said I was in the middle of cooking , and was far too busy , she (an indian woman) slammed the phone down !!!

The caller was identified as Some computer company I think
Reported 8th, Nov. 2011.
Kevin Hempsall

Called yesterday about my computer having problems but hard to understand her Asian accent. Put me on to a supervisor who got very annoyed when I said I had a Mac, accused me of wasting his time!!!

Called again today but she hung up when I started asking questions.

The caller was identified as Monica at BC Wizard
Reported 11th, Nov. 2011.

Called two days running but no one is answering

Reported 11th, Nov. 2011.

Just got a call now, same cold calling... From PC Wizard... Our technicians have done a survey in your area and how your system is at risk. And is downloading malicious software... etc etc... I knew it was a spam from the first moment, so asked couple of questions (usually I blow my lid straightaway, but had some time, so thought of playing around).

I asked him how did they get info about my PC?
Ans: By doing survey

What specifics do you know about my PC?
Ans: Our technicians have done research/survey

hmmm... I told him I'm a better technician that his technical team and to stop bullshitting me... I use a MAC... He hung up... ;) lol...

Accent sounded Asian (FYI... I'm Indian, so not being racial...)

These scammers find new ways of exploiting people... I pitty the elderly and those who are basic computer users...

The caller was identified as Asian guy claiming from PC Wizard
Reported 17th, Nov. 2011.

Just had a call from a really firm guy telling me my pc was at risk wouldnt let me get a word in .. worried me as my parents are sitting ducks for these scum and what if my son had been here alone and turned the pc on like they asked ?? How the h**l did they get my number?? eventually I got rid of him he said he will call back after 3 ... really hope not !!

The caller was identified as PC Wizzard
Reported 19th, Nov. 2011.

well played Jeson!

Reported 19th, Nov. 2011.

This is a Scam.

They ask you to go to windows event viewer, where there are warnings and errors - very typical of every computer and generally not a problem. Every computer has an occasion that something doesn't boot up correctly.

Anyway, they get you to log into a remote connection and install a program which allows them to remotely access your computer. Just think about it - would you allow a stranger access to all your files? No!

They prey on the computer illiterate. However if you know what your doing you can have some fun with them:

*Say that you have an apple mac
*Say that you have dial up connection so that you can't be on the phone at the same time as being on the internet. Then say that you don't have a mobile.
*Answer the phone "Bobs IT"
*Try to record the call as well - use sound recorder on the pc or your mobile to record the call and post the message online.

We need to make this national news. They are conning people out of hundreds of pounds.

Please report this to http://www.actionfraud.org.uk/ and http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/gotastory/

The caller was identified as various
Reported 21st, Nov. 2011.

Called me around a month back tellin me my internet has been running slowly recently. It actually has n me like s dummy almost fell for it if it wasn't for my brother who came n saved the day.makes me feel really dill because I was gullible. He was some guy with an Asian accent and was talking so fast I could barely understand(which I think was the idea) he rang me back after a while claiming I asked to call back l8a. I told him where to shove it and e Hung up on me. Just got a call from an Asian women wanting to know what Washing machine model I had and how old it was. Again she had an English accent. We all need to make sure that we ask for a name and company etc. I tend to Google these numbers l8a.it really help. The callers have an Asian accent and they have bad manners ( I'm also Asian . Not bring racist!)

The caller was identified as no idea!
Reported 26th, Apr. 2012.
Bert Ford

Lying guy banging on about a survey, and what brand of washing machine we own. Was rude and persistent and despite being asked explicitly not to call my number, rang again about an hour later. How is this allowed? These scammers should be strung up!!

The caller was identified as Asian guy
Reported 23rd, May. 2012.

Silence for about 5 minutes

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 14th, Jun. 2012.

Unsolicited call asking questions about our washing machine but we hung up

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 23rd, Jun. 2012.

called about which washing machine we owned and the asked if the address was right?? no where near then asked of a mister so and so still lived at this adress, never heard of them, they then asked my postcode which i will admit to giving it to them then zapped them on my true call machine never to be heard from again ahhhh bliss
she was an asian woman

Reported 20th, Jul. 2012.

Just had a call from this number, obviously from a comedian or a guy who likes to think he is. Had a minutes worth of him saying hello over and over again and 5 minutes of silence while I carried on watching my tv before he decided to hang up. The people that do these prank calls really annoy me, I mean do they actually get paid to prank call people or do they just do it for fun??

The caller was identified as hello man.
Reported 24th, Jul. 2012.

Just missed a call dialed1471 but got in a panic as code is similar to my elderly mothers(who lives the other end of the country to me). But googled it and saw this site! thank god they didn't answer when i tried to ring back...lines were busy!

Reported 25th, Jul. 2012.

Silent phone calls at all times of the day.

Reported 26th, Jul. 2012.

rude dumbarse asian woman chattering on about washing machines........ this number is a nuisance/con which keeps calling all the time

The caller was identified as not known
Reported 26th, Jul. 2012.

Called on Sat 28 July 2012 @ 14:18
Just silence at the other end.
Made me curious, so checked your website.
Dialling 1471 returned 0442030266482 which was interesting, as calls originating within the UK do not usually include the UK "44" prefix when dialling 1471.
Just a thought ....could calls be coming from outside the UK where our law can't touch them, and then be re-routed via a London exchange? (Maybe, by doing it this way, scammers aren't able to use the "witheld number" facility, as I'm sure they wouldn't want to identify themselves if it was possible).

Reported 28th, Jul. 2012.

90 minutes after I submiited the above comment (Re. Call of 28 July@14:18), the phone went again. It was a woman with an Asian accent enquiring about washing machines. She seemed to know my name.
Thanks to your website I was prepared.
I told her, "I know all about your operation from the Internet - with your lot it's either about washing machines or computers, isn't it?"
She immediately hung up.

The caller was identified as Not given
Reported 28th, Jul. 2012.

Just received a call from the dreaded 02030266482. I never answer a call until I have verified the caller so did not answer this one. Alarmingly it appeared to start with my assumed name then dropped into satellite gibberish. The technology is out there to stop these calls but sadly the call providers appear to be making money out of then!!!

The caller was identified as N/K
Reported 3rd, Aug. 2012.
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