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“Swatting” and Phone Scams

The police are warning taxpayers about an old phone scam; but this time, with a new twist. According to the reports, the scammers call the victim and claim to be an IRS agent. The scammers then demand money from the … Continue reading

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Telemarketers pay him per minute of his time

When we read the original story on BBC we couldn’t believe it. A gentleman by the name of Lee Beaumont setup a pay-per-minute line, known as 0871 line in U.K, and advised telemarketers that called to call him back on the 0871 number … Continue reading

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Scammers threaten to cut your company’s phone lines unless you pay a fake debt

Scammers are now threatening to disable your employer’s phone lines unless you agree to pay up a fictitious debt. This new and bizarre phone scam has been making rounds in the United States in the past couple of months. The … Continue reading

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Dial Through Fraud | Information and Prevention

Just recently, a new scam has surfaced but several business establishments including small enterprises were already victims to it. This latest scheme is called Dial Through Fraud (DTF). As the name implied, the hackers find networks that are easily compromised … Continue reading

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Electric company phone scam

Scammers seem to have a bottomless supply of creativity. The amount of fake roles they haveassumed is astounding: pretending to be Lottery Commission agents, debt collectors and even close relatives in need of help. Recently, the conmen decided to try … Continue reading

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Tips on how to avoid becoming victim of a scam

There are three things that you can do in order not to fall victim to phones scams. 1. Never cooperate: This is the most important piece of advice. If you do not cooperate with the caller, there’s almost 0 chance … Continue reading

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Slamming Scam Still Baffles Consumers

It seems like there is always something on the market when it comes to trying to take advantage of the consumer. One of these new scams is called SLAMMING. This is illegal and occurs when your traditional telephone carrier is … Continue reading

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Consumers Are Warned To Watch Out For Solicitation Calls In The Name Of Charity

The National Center for Charitable Statistics recently reported that 1.5 million non-profit organizations exist in the US today. Even if a person is listed on the “Do Not Call” list, they are allowed to make solicitation calls. Unfortunately, this claims … Continue reading

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College Fund Scam – Something Every College Student Needs to Know About

Going to college is an interesting time in your life. You are trying to decide what you want to do with yourself, and life on a college campus has been quite an adventure. While this is a trying time for … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Call Forwarding Scams

An old type of swindle that has returned to the marketplace is called the “CALL FORWARDING SCAM”. This type of fraud seems so reasonable it is easy for the victim to be taken advantage of. There are several different examples … Continue reading

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