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Phone number: 888-514-1650 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 72% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 10th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 11 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Fred 888-514-1650, 726598"


computer tech to withdrawl all files that may harm my computer

The caller was identified as a steven lee
Reported 19th, Aug. 2013.

Heavy accent from India....gave name as STEVE LEE and info below:
Steve Lee his ID Soo6751484,Microsoft Technical Support, Email care@E-SUPPORTLIVE.COM, security lic 16999-170.,ph 1-888-514-1650. He wanted excess an demands money.

The caller was identified as a unknown
Reported 8th, Oct. 2013.

telling me my pc is infected with a virus, but they continuously call.both on cell phone and home phone. I have received same number calling me every 1/2 hour.

The caller was identified as an Unknown
Reported 12th, Nov. 2013.

when you call them back it is not a working number

The caller was identified as an Unknown
Reported 12th, Nov. 2013.

Indicated my computer was in danger of geting bad inputs

Heavy accent when asked him where he was he indicated that he was in NY

asked for his phone # so I could call him he gave me 1888 514 1650

when I asked him how many computers I had he indicated he did not know

I told him that I did not own a computer and he hung up.


The caller was identified as a Could not understans
Reported 21st, Dec. 2013.

Says from Microsoft and your computer is downloading harmful files. Cannot answer whether this is widespread and why he is calling me. Insists on guiding me through a process to isolate the problem; warns I will lose 50% or more of my files, or computer will crash. Cannot answer why they care about my computer. Becomes very insistent that he must help me, not happy when I refused. Provided this phone number when I said I would call back. Total scam.

The caller was identified as a Robin
Reported 2nd, Jan. 2014.

Told me he was from tech support for my windows computer from Microsoft. He wanted to connect to my computer to solve the problems I had. This same scam (from this same phone number) happened to me about 6 months ago. I told him not to worry about my windows computer and not to call my number again or I would notify the FBI. They then hung up.

The caller was identified as an Unknown
Reported 7th, Jan. 2014.

Nick with an eastern Indian accent badge #MS109707
Said he was from Microsoft calling to remove viruses that could take over my computer and render it useless
He gave methis number as a call. Back number but orig called from 767-514-1650
Had me go to run box then put in :
Inf. then:
Msconfig. Then:
He wanted me to grant him access tomy computer. Heck no!! Cooperation ended right there!B

Then. Told me there is going to be a charge. Then I told him we gotta wait for the husband to get home to ask. And most likely we will just throw computer away since we have iPads we use more. Then I hung up!!!! And find out it's all a SCAM!!!!

The caller was identified as a Nick
Reported 1st, Mar. 2014.

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The caller was identified as a 726598
Reported 8th, Jul. 2014.
Kim Z

I was on my work computer when "Fred" called. Appeared to sound like a deep middle eastern accent. Kept telling me my computer had virus. I asked how does he know, he said we get reports from you internet service. I asked, "Who is my internet service though?" He says, "I don't have that information" ROFL IDIOT. You could tell he was reading from a script. FCC here I come. I'm so sick of this c**p....One day...They will be caught. Someday!

The caller was identified as a Fred 888-514-1650
Reported 14th, Jul. 2014.
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