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Phone number: 352-200-2205 is located in Spring Hill, Florida.

Its exchange 200 is managed by BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC - FL.
The number is currently on switch number WWSPFLSHDS0.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 1st person to search for it here.The number has a total of 4 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "MARK TWIG, Mark Twig"

Bernadette A. Sterling

i didn't pick up, the caller decided not to leave a voicemail

The caller was identified as an Unknown
Reported 22nd, Nov. 2011.

Scam Alert: Payday Loan Collection by “Government Lawyers” August 26, 2011 mnconsumerattorneyblog.com/.../scam-alert-payday-loan-collection-... Get a frightening call from a “criminal investigator” threatening to “download your case file” with the courthouse if you don’t immediately pay off a loan you don’t remember getting? Or an e-mail from an “attorney” saying you’ll be prevented from getting work anywhere in the United States if you don’t call her immediately to settle charges made against you by a payday lender you’ve never heard of? It’s scary because they have personal details about you, perhaps even your Social Security number. But it’s just a scam. Don’t fall for it. The latest incarnation sweeping the Interweb is an e-mail from “Attorney Nicole Willson” of “United States of Attorney, District Florida.” The e-mail makes various threats about EFT (electronic funds transfer) fraud regarding a payday loan from”BMG Payday Loan” and pending criminal charges. The first tip-off that it’s a scam is the atrocious writing (scroll down for an excerpt). Poor grammar, ALL CAPS, and no punctuation. Also, we don’t live in the “United States of Attorney.” Finally, a government attorney or investigator isn’t going to threaten you with legal action via e-mail. A quick Google search of the Sunrise, FL address noted in the e-mail shows a listing with the Better Business Bureau for “U.S. Department of Justice.” They give it an F rating but don’t bother pointing out that there is no such private business in existence, it’s just someone masquerading as a federal agency. I also found this webpage where consumers have shared notes on their experience with these scammers. If you receive a similar e-mail, DO NOT RESPOND. It will only encourage them to continue harassing you. If you get phone calls, demand written proof of the account. Just because they have your name, address and Social Security number, doesn’t mean you owe them money. It’s easy to buy or steal such information these days. If anyone threatens you with legal action related to a debt, demand written proof of the account. If they refuse to provide it, hang up. A debt collector is required to send you written notice of the account within five days of their first phone call. And a real government attorney/investigator/other official will not refuse to provide you with information about charges against you. Don’t give in to high-pressure tactics by shady characters. If you have fallen victim to these scammers and given them your bank account information, contact your bank immediately to close your account and open a new one. To learn more about scams and how to report one, visit the FBI’s website. TEXT FROM LATEST SCAM E-MAIL: CASE FILE. #:. M4169M LOAN INFORMATION ABA NUMBER- ACCOUNT NO- LOAN AMOUNT-$425 DUE AMOUNT-$700 CHARGE OF DATE-6/11/2009 LOAN COMPANY-BMG PAYDAY LOAN I HAVE A LEGAL CASE FILE ON YOUR NAME IN REGARDS THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN THE INTERNET PAYDAY LOAN YOU WERE CLEARLY MONITERED USING YOUR MAIL ADDRESS TO SOLICIT FUNDS FROM A WEBSITE WHICH WAS RUN AND OPERATED BY (CREDITOR NAME) ON THE DATE THE FUND WAS SUCCESSFULLY TRANSFER IN TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT (BANK NAME AND ACCOUNT NUMBER) UTILIZING AN INTERSTATE EFT WHICH STATES FOR ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER WHEN THEY ATTEMPT TO EXTRACT THE FUNDS, THE EFT WAS RETURNED CONSTITUTING A WORTHLESS ELECTRONIC CHECK UNITED LEGAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU HAS STATED 4 SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU AND THEY ARE (1) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATION (2) COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD (3) THEFT BY DECEPTION (4) AND THE BIGGEST ONE IS E.F.T. THAT IS ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER SO MANY PEOPLES HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED IN COURT HOUSE AND THEY HAVE BEEN IN TO JAIL BECAUSE OF THIS ALLEGATIONS SO THIS IS LAST AND FINAL COURTSEY REMINDER GIVEN TO YOU TO SETTLE THIS DEBT BEFORE I FORWARD YOUR CASE FILE IN TO COURT HOUSE THE CHOICE IS TOTALLY YOURS YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH YOUR CASE FILE YOU WANT TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER OR SHOULD I DOWNLOAD YOUR CASE FILE IN TO THE COURT HOUSE IF ONCE I WILL DOWNLOAD YOUR CASE FILE IN TO THE COURT HOUSE THAN YOUR SSN NUMBER WILL BE BLOCKED AND YOU WILL NOT GET WORK ANY WHERE IN USA AND YOU WILL BE FACING LIFE TIME SERIOUS PROBLEMS AND IN COURT HOUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY $10,000 INSTEAD OF $1000 IF YOU WANT TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER THAN IMMEDIATELY CONTACT ME ON MY DIRECT PHONE LINE NUMBER THAT IS 3522002205.

The caller was identified as a Nicole Willson
Reported 22nd, Nov. 2011.
Clark Broege

I was emailed from this "Nicole Wilson", although I never actually spoke to a woman, instead I spoke with a man named "Mark Twig", who had the worst accent any person could have. The email was just like the one that is shown as an example on this this, same case number and everything. I have read several other comments about this scam, other names have been mentioned, although I suspect it's the same man everyone talks to, because they have said something about a horrible accent as well.

The caller was identified as a Mark Twig
Reported 4th, May. 2012.

told me I have to pay $700 for a $375 loan! I now have a warrant it seems and have been trying to raise the money to stop the warrant! Is this real??

The caller was identified as a MARK TWIG
Reported 11th, Jul. 2012.
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