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Phone number: 202-738-4703 is located in Washington, District Of Columbia.

Around 75% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
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Latest people reported the number as that of "206.701.0285, Caroline"


I have asked the caller to stop calling me not less than 40 times.

The caller was identified as an Unknown
Reported 13th, Jun. 2013.

Started calling me on 10/3/2013 saying that I received a $9,000 grant. I missed his call so tried calling back ten times. There was no way to leave a message. On the message he was asking for me to give him my bank account number or credit card number to receive the grant money. Very suspicious to me! Also I never applied for a grant. I also googled the address he said on the message, 200 Independence Ave SW, and it is the Dept of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C.

The caller was identified as a Logan Cliffton
Reported 3rd, Oct. 2013.
Not Important

This number (2027384703) has been calling me for the last two days offering a $9000 grant. They do not give very many details and ignore your questions while insisting that you answer theirs. The worker that was told to call me kept asking for my age and address. They also asked how I would like to receive the money and I said cash. She then agreed to that, which lets me know that this is a scam. I asked to speak with her manager and instead of going to get him/her she gives me a number to call and says that it is the Financial Department and she kept calling the person Ms. So I called and a man answered, so I asked to speak with Ms. Baul Jefferson. He says "this is Jefferson," also with a difficult-to-understand, foreign accent. I told him I was doing a survey and wanted to ask him some questions(halfway true). He asked for my Grant ID code (which, to me, seems like a code for them to bring up your name and number that they have obtained from the telephone book or internet and pretend as if they know who you are). I explained to him that I did not have a code (I lied *Lord forgive me*) and told him that I just wanted to ask a few questions about his organization. He then apologized and said that he could not speak with me unless I had a code and promptly hung up. To sum it all up, they never even gave the name of their establishment, they would not email me the information, and they do not answer questions. It sounded rehearsed and redundant. Think twice before you tell them anything.

The caller was identified as a Some foreign Lady who is very hard to understand
Reported 9th, Oct. 2013.

202738 4703 i was called 3/26/14 i was told i was rewarded some grant money of 9000 i was provided with a code i was told to keep safe i felt like it was a scam but i decided to research it and also give him a call back i called back he explanied that the gov. did a survey last dec. and my phone and several the was pick to receive the grant money but i will have to go buy a green pay pal card and send them 205$ to be verified by the gov.so they can release the money and it will be refunded alone with the 9000$ i agreed to give him a call back once i reached wal mart and western union ( i lied) then i google his name and number i found this website so after confirming it was a fraud i had my girlfriend call back and pretend like she was my attorney after asking him servral questions not letting him talk he got mad said that people put things on the internet about them thats not true she told he that its sad they go beyond to scam hard working people he started yelling told her stupid people put things on the internet stupid people like her then she hung uplame the phone they didnt callback

The caller was identified as a jimmy johnson
Reported 27th, Mar. 2014.

giving away $9000
transfer u to a fake agency
to receive the money you have to
give up $205 dollars

The caller was identified as a jamey johnson
Reported 24th, Apr. 2014.
James Meinert

called several times wanting name and age and address, said i would receive 9000 dollars free grant money though Walmart. gave me phone # 202 738-4703 and code jd 121 to call to receive money.

The caller was identified as a Jimmy Johnson
Reported 1st, Jul. 2014.
Can't fool me!

Caroline with a weird accent from caller Id: 8745-5123 called me saying i've won $9k in federal grant money. Then they asked to confirm your address, and they asked for your age. I gave them a fake age, and confirmed on an address I no longer live in.

Then after confirmation, they told me to call and speak to their supervisor Jimmy Johnson at this 202 number to claim my prize. They also gave a me a confirmation code LE045 and made me repeated back to them. Of course i never called, I wanted to see how much information that they have on me. Wow, they're pretty good, but too bad its the wrong address! Way to go Caroline!

The caller was identified as a Caroline
Reported 7th, Jul. 2014.

Same story as above - was told I won a grant and to call the 202 number - I told them I'd call right away. Have no intention of calling them. However I will probably block the first number from my phone since from what others are saying, this fellow calls back. Sad that folks fall for this...

The caller was identified as a 206.701.0285
Reported 22nd, Jul. 2014.
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